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Mark C. Long

Intimate waters

Exhibition Private View Thursday 7th February 2019 6-9
ECAD Gallery 71 Consort Rd, Peckham, London SE15 3SS.

Open 7th-24th February, Tuesday-Sunday 12:30-7 and by Appointment.

Please email for artist led tours for in depth presentation-

Intimate Waters

Through layering of digital and analogue processing, the images find themselves reconfigured as abstract spaces structured by the logic of their own decomposition. Their Logic is one of flows, oscillations, and admixtures- in short the logic of fluidity. Intimate Waters points to this fluidity, inviting us to imagine the millions of mundane crossings that water makes of our own bodily boundaries. Landscapes slip and slide across the frame, flowing into new forms that seem ready to dissolve, resisting their own fixity and inviting engagements to remould and reform. The water that we find in these images is a water that folds, a water that can contain us as we contain it, bringing into contact the water of the world, and the waters within.

(Text: Gus Beamish-Cook)